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#752493 - 07/31/12 12:54 AM Alimony
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My wife and I separated back in January of this year. I make $100K. She makes 40K. I give her half of my disposable income that comes out to about $850 a month. This has been a comfortable amount for her and me. However, we are not able to enjoy as much entertainment anymore. If an emergency occurs, we have to dip into our credit cards to pay (i.e. car breaks down, furnace goes out, etc., etc.) After we divorce, I will pay her about $600 a month in child support. I will also pay her alimony as well since the child support will not be enough for her to meet her basic needs. But I am not sure how much and for how long. Does anyone know how much and how long I can expect to pay her alimony? We don't live to lavishly and have normal expenses.

#752494 - 06/13/16 12:02 PM Re: Alimony [Re: newBeg2012]
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I realize this is an old post, but I thought I might be able to answer this question for someone else who's wondering about this. I do not live in your state, but I do have personal experience with alimony. The laws regarding the award of alimony differ from state to state, however the states that do recognize alimony, calculate it the same and the calculation is on your gross income, not net (gross) and it also is based on the standard of living, in which you both lived by during the marriage. In my state, a woman or man who makes $40,000 a year and is receiving child support would not be awarded alimony. In my state it is usually awarded to a spouse who never worked during the marriage and does not have the employment experience to obtain employment adequate to support her/himself and/or their children, or her/his need to stay home to care for the children, or she/he is unable to work for whatever reason and she/he was/is dependent on her ex spouse for financial support. There are two types of alimony Periodic and lump sum. Lump sum is when an amount is awarded to be paid all at one time. Periodic is usually a set amount paid monthly and it is typically paid for life or the re-marriage of the ex spouse. However I have heard of cases where the ex was only awarded alimony for a specific amount of time ex: 10 years, but it is less common in my state for that to happen, because the courts in my state only award alimony in cases where the ex spouse has not other means to support themselves.


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