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#753451 - 08/30/12 06:54 PM Narcissistic Relationships
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anyone ever have any luck staying in a marriage where one partner has a narcissistic personality disorder?

#753452 - 09/04/12 11:29 PM Re: Narcissistic Relationships [Re: simpson7]
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Staying in a marriage ?

Or....being happy in a marriage ?

Whether or not the affected party wants to get treatment and work on things is a big factor.

#753453 - 09/17/12 05:42 AM Re: Narcissistic Relationships [Re: simpson7]
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narcissistic personality disorder is just the latest buzzword women use to describe a man with the gall to expect them to be and equal financial partner in the marriage. Any attempt to control where and how money HE EARNS is spent by the woman earns the man the label narcissistic personality disorder.
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#753454 - 02/17/13 11:54 PM Re: Narcissistic Relationships [Re: yregna]
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Marriage, at its foundation, requires cooperation, mutual respect, modesty, and concessions. If someone is narcissistic enough to say "my way or the highway" all the time, I don't see how that kind of marriage can work. Sounds more like master and servant than husband and wife. But, if they realize they have a problem and are willing to work on overcoming it the marriage stands a chance.

I agree with the last poster that financial responsibility should be equal. I believe in separate bank accounts and each person having control over their own money after the mutual bills (rent, utilities, etc) are paid. I think when people are talking about narcissistic they are talking about someone uncooperative, controlling, and needing to have everything their own way.


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