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#753762 - 09/14/12 04:28 AM Totally frustrated.
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My daughter hads been divorced for about a year. Her ex. pays child support but it is still not enough to cover all of the expensis of 5 kids. My husband and I try to help where we can. Because they have a 60/40 custody the kids go to school from moms house 4 days a week and dads 1 day a week. A week ago I happened to stop at the yard sale the ex. was having in front of his house and stumbled onto most of the new school clothes we had purchased for the kids up for sale. He never buys clothes for the kids because he sais that he doesnt have enough left over after he pays support. Which I get. But how can I stop him from selling the nice things they are given by others ?

#753763 - 09/15/12 02:54 AM Re: Totally frustrated. [Re: grammatoo]
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If he has the kids almost half time, I don't know why you think he should be paying much support at all.

It may seem petty, but I don't let my daughter go to her mom's house in any clothes I would care about not getting back. She has to change to something older, or something that won't fit her much longer anyway, or something that came crom her mom's house and needs to go back there anyway. I never let her wear her "good" things there. They would never come back.

Dad should be supplying clothing for the kids while they are at his house.

Had the kids outgrown the clothes that he was selling? If not, why would he sell them?

#753764 - 09/16/12 06:44 PM Re: Totally frustrated. [Re: grammatoo]
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Advise your daughter that the kids should no longer be allowed to wear/bring their better clothes over to dad's house.

She should also have a conversation with her ex about how this came about. Was this a one time illconceived plan because he had a financial shortfall and was desperately trying to make enough to pay his cs ? Maybe if they can keep their communication open, they can prevent bad feelings and future issues of contention (like having to disallow other items from going with the kids between their houses, like electronics, etc)


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