So, I am seeking advice because my boyfriend's soon-to-be ex-wife is making our lives an utter living hell. They were seperated before I even met him and he had to perform negotiations with her to get her to leave. in the 6 years they were married she refused to get a job and kept the house in complete filth (which he has photographic evidence of)and let her children terrorize my bf. In order to get her to move the home he had to agree to pay her rent, car insurance, and utilities for a year and he had to agree to give her half of the 2012 and 2013 tax returns. This being said she lives bill free in a nice apartment and in the 7 months of their seperation still has yet to look for a job. There is no morailty clause whatsoever in their agreement and even if there was my bf has proof of her co-habiting with a man (she was almost evicted for him living with her). Now she is trying to tell my bf that she can have the agreement thrown out and he will have to pay her alimony for the rest of her life because he and I live together. He and I moved in together because he could not afford the bills on his own and their son loves me to death. She once tried to refuse him visitation because I am there and it was "immoral". This comes from a woman that has a bisexual 15 year old son in the home who recently had a baby with the 16 year old girl she also has living with her. Can she possibly get the agreement thrown out? Might i also add that she gets their 5 year old son to agree with her how "sorry his father is" and how he would be better off if his father dropped dead. When she tried to deny him his visitation before because of us living together he told her he would be calling the cops and her lawyer told her she could be charged with contempt of court so she let him get their son and has since then asked us to get him several extra times becaus eof the new baby in the home and then so that she could go to the beach. She originally refused to let him get their son because she was angry because her lawyer told her she was responsible fot the vehicle taxes on the vehicle that he signed over to her back in March. It is now Septemeber and she has yet to transfer the title into her name. How can she possibly get away with all this???