My divorce was finalized three days ago. Like a dumbass (in hindsight) I was misled in thinking that things would be, at least, cordial. Boy, was I wrong. Things with my son are great (at least, from MY perspective). But, I have a great deal of apprehension of what he might have to deal with when he's not with me. I got a taste of this when I took my son to the zoo. When I brought him back, I talked with my ex(?) step-son. I was basically making small talk. I said hello and asked how he was doing. He replies and sounded like something was bothering him. I asked what was the matter and get a rude, "None of your business." I expressed to him that I didn't appreciate the attitude and that I was sorry that he was in a bad mood. I approached his mother (the ex) about this. She immediate brought up the proverbial, "He's a teenager" excuse. While I can understand the behavior of a teenager, but if an adult is being cordial and asks what is the matter, then a simple, "I don't want to talk about it" would have been more appropriate and better received. I expressed this to the ex and she agreed and stated that she would talk to him. This was yesterday. 24 hours later, I email her expressing and expanding my thoughts and feelings about that incident and the possible effects that could have on my son. She counters with a whole lot of commentary that isn't relevant to the present state of affairs and basically dismisses my concerns. Now, things between me and my step-son have always been tenuous, mostly because his mother coddles him (to make up for the lack of involvement of his father) and because, when we were married, I have felt compelled to over compensate for her lack of discipline of her son, which impacts the parenting of our son. So, her response is to undercut and emasculate me. In front of him AND my son. Luckily, my imprint on my son is definite. The step-son on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired. With just this little bit of information disclosed, the question I seek an answer to is related to parental alienation. Now, I don't have to deal with this with my son (at least, it doesn't seem apparent). But, this has everything to do with my step-son and how this tension with him, the ex and her father (which is another thing altogether) is possibly impacting my son. I mean, I know that he can see, hear and feel the tension and that isn't good, which leads me to the notion of parental alienation, at least when it comes to my step-son. Legally, I know and understand the courts don't have any jurisdiction. But, this isn't a good situation and I would like to mitigate any negative impact this could have on my son, if I can. Any insights, suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.