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#754520 - 10/02/12 06:03 PM Another Colorado Mom jailed by courts
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One of our Pro Se parents, Jacquelynn McDaniel, Social
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Case #2007DR1141
Magistrate Kathleen Janski

This is the same recipe used over and over again to remove children from deserving, professional, educated parents --- causing irreparable harm.

Please come support Jacquelynn in this Post Decree hearing to keep her 3 children from losing their fully capable mother to a father who is legally using the court system to continue abusing his victim.


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Catherine Keske, a CSU professor was found in contempt by a Jefferson County Magistrate and ordered to serve 90 days in jail without work release. This was for not providing the type of e-mail account that the father desired for her child. This case had a history of 3 different Colorado family court helpers involved. Google Catherine Keske's name for more details.

The mother was mysteriously released from jail after a couple of days which included media coverage and then jailed again. And then released again.

After years of court hearings and motions arguing for a specific type of e-mail account, the father has now petitioned the court to relinquish all his parenting responsibilities.

We certainly have us a mess in Colorado Courts. The lack of accountability for court appointed family court helpers(Parental Responsibility Evaluators (custody) and Parent Coordinators without accountability) and possible collusion that exists among judges and magistrates, attorneys and family court helpers seem to be contributors. One can only imagine the emotional trauma for the jailed parent and eventual financial harships these types of court actions impose upon our families.

How are these types of actions, in the best interest of children?

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#754521 - 07/15/13 03:52 PM Re: Another Colorado Mom jailed by courts [Re: jenniemac]
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did she ever explain why she didn't spend 2 minutes to create the kid an email account? 2 minutes is not a long time.

#754522 - 08/13/13 12:33 AM Re: Another Colorado Mom jailed by courts [Re: hanzblinx]
jenniemac Offline

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She did have an account for the child through their family account. The child was too young by industry standards to have an individual e-mail account.

The father has since petitioned the court to relieve himself of all parenting responsibilities. 10s of thousands of dollars of family resources spent and thousands of taxpayer dollars wasted via Magistrate Voisinet.

And it's the child who suffers. What a mess Jefferson County Magistrate and not 1, not 2 but 3 family court helpers made. Not to mention the tax dollars wasted.


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