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#755110 - 10/18/12 10:03 AM Is my attorney an idiot???????
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I show up for roll call at 9am yesterday for temp.custody hearing and i'm the only one there? Is there something wrong with this picture? My attorney "prepares" me 5 minutes before entering courtroom in the hallway of the court house. This was for a merit hearing to dismiss an unfair sep.agreement that I signed without legal counsel. I feel like an unimportant client to my atty and it is pissing me off because it is my life and my children's. What action do I have. I'm in NC.

#755111 - 10/31/12 01:41 AM Re: Is my attorney an idiot??????? [Re: chatty]
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"I show up for roll call at 9am yesterday for temp.custody hearing and i'm the only one there? "


Why is that a question ? You should know whether or not there were other people there if you were there.

A 'prep' for a few minutes is adequate in many cases. Did you ask for an in office session (at his hourly rate) and he refused it ? Did he make a legal mistake in his arguements ?

If you want someone to agree with you that he is an idiot, give some proof of that.

If this is just a case of mismatched personalities, get another lawyer.

#755112 - 12/09/12 03:23 PM Re: Is my attorney an idiot??????? [Re: finz]
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In my opinion, your attorney is negligiant if certain criteia were met. Your hearing had been on the docket for i;m guessing a month. Usually the attorney will want to meet with you the day before. If your case ws called by the judge your lawyer was accountable. He didn't notify the court of a change and simply not showing is unexcusable; however, u should stay in contact with your lawyer prior to ANY court date. Make sure you know what to expect and he/she knows your expectations. Did you give the lawyer a retainer and confirm that he was representing you and not just advising you? The best advise I received was....If you have doubts about your lawyer now, get another one. You will constantly be questioning his abilities even if he is the best lawyer in town. I fired one and got a sizable chunk of the retainer back.

#755113 - 05/15/14 05:16 AM Re: Is my attorney an idiot??????? [Re: Elaine85]
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My attorney takes days to return phone calls, no prep before hearings, no advise on how to handle issues that arise with the soon-to-be-ex. His assistant who answers the phone is impatient and condescending. She made serious and multiple mistakes on every document prepared so far, and sends me emails and documents meant for others. I wish I could afford another attorney, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even get my retainer back. I am terrified, because I am disabled and have no other means if this lawyer fails to get me a decent settlement. Can anyone give further advise on what to do about bad attorneys?

#755114 - 05/15/14 11:40 AM Re: Is my attorney an idiot??????? [Re: Rhonda9080]
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Please note that you're responding to a post that is close to two years old....

#755115 - 10/11/15 09:04 PM Re: Is my attorney an idiot??????? [Re: chatty]
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No. You attorney is not an "idiot" this person is absent of any frontal lobe activity. Never sign anything w/o an attorney reviewing it first. She should have prepared you for 3-4 hours depending on the specifics. Do not beat yourself up for signing anything, you are in a very vulnerable place now with emotions running high. Do your best to think & do not allow the emotions to derail you. I am from NC. I wish the best for you. Remember if you have questions ask your attorney, I agree this is your child & your life. If this attorney makes you feel unimportant find another attorney. NC is filled with great attorneys & Law Schools you can speak with. Take care.


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