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#755414 - 10/26/12 07:33 PM In IL: Does remarriage effect pension payments?
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We divorced after 22 years of marriage. I receive 1/2 of the pension for the 22 years we were married. (It is a 30 year pension, so he gets the full amount for 8 years, and we split the rest). I was just remarried and I received notice from my pension plan that I need to call them for my change of address. Does the fact I am remarried effect the pension I get? (This is Illinois.) Also, my lawyer had said (to my horror) that my ex husband is worth more dead than alive. My ex and I have an amicable relationship and this upsets me. I don't want anything bad to happen to him, so I just didn't even respond to that comment. But now I am wondering what he meant and think I should have asked questions? If (God forbid) my ex should die, do I get his entire pension?

#755415 - 10/28/12 09:23 PM Re: In IL: Does remarriage effect pension payments? [Re: saroth]
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As far as I know, your remarriage shouldn't affect the pension payments. The pension is a divisable asset, you are just getting your 'share.' If you were also receiving spousal support (alimony) payments from your ex, many divorce settlements will call for those payments to end upon remarriage.

I'm guessing the "worth more dead than alive" comment might have referenced life insurance (which can be purchased by an individual or frequently, an employer). It could have been a reference to his pension plus social security plus assets plus life insurance. Who knows ? Ask the attorney if you want to know what he meant.

I am guessing that you wouldn't get your ex's WHOLE pension if he passed away. If this was divided with a QDRO, I would think he'd leave any cash value left in his share to someone he wanted to provide for more than an ex wife. Again, you should ask your lawyer that.

#755416 - 10/30/12 03:15 PM Re: In IL: Does remarriage effect pension payments? [Re: finz]
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Thank you! It has been 7 years since our divorce. I would call the lawyer to ask, but I recall that when I called him during the divorce, I was charged an outrageous (to me) amount per minute of any phone conversations. I had no idea I was "on the clock" when talking to him and was quite surprised at the amount I was charged for a few minutes on the phone. It was my first experience with a lawyer, live and learn. :) I appreciate your response. That is what I had thought, but the confirmation helps. Thank you.


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