The final court date for my divorce is in less than 2 weeks. My soon to be X husband and I agreed on a dissalusion. At first it seemed like he was going to be very fair, however this past month he has been doing so many things that demonstrate he is not acting in the kids best interest.

Although the dissalusion papers are signed and filed with the court he is taking me back to mediation next week to change some things with the parenting plan. We agreed on a 5/5/2/2 schedule. These past two weeks he has been verbally abusive towards me. When coming to pick up my 9 and 11 yr old boys he yells profanity at me when in the drive, within earshot of the kids. I learned that he told my sons that the fighting they see is all my fult. My 9yr old called me a few nights ago from the phone I gave him and his brother telling me he was worried and scared. His dad left him in the car for 25 mins at his brothers football practice. My 9yr old told me he got out of the car and walked around the parking lot to find his dad but couldn't be found because it was too dark to see. By the time I got in my car to go be with him at the football field his dad did finally show up.

My soon to be X admitted to our counslor that he is choosing to not provide the boys with after school tutoring (despite he knows it is in their best academic interest) just to piss me off.

Last week he refused to tell me what his plans were for who was going to pick up the boys from school. I told him I was availalbe because I knew he had another commitment. He refused to tell me who my son would be with during the time he was not available. I was available and he was dening me the opportunity to be with my son during that time.

In less than 48 hrs last week he violated about 6 items from the parenting plan in regards to his behaviors and decisions that were not in the kids best interest.

I called my layer and asked him how he could help me. He just told me that once we get through the final court hearing we will go back with more demads to alter the plan if we need. However my soon to be X is taking me back to mediation next week with the idea he is going to get a better "deal" that what he already agreed on, signed and filed to the court. I need to know if I have any leverage to negotiate him back due to these violations? My layer says these are not necessarly legal issues that can be addressed in the plan. However, I feel I need to somehow protect my boys from his drama, negitive talk about me and he using them to hurt me (not to mention their saftey from being left in the car alone for 25 mins) . How can I do this and enforce it with the right language and items in a parenting contract?

Any advice is helpful! :confused: