Hey all,

Iím Grant Hindsley, a senior photojournalism major from the University of Missouri.

I grew up with the long, relatively ugly divorce of my parents over eight or so years starting at the age of six. As I grow older, I realize how much it affected me in both negative and positive ways. I have four parents instead of two, an enormous amount of family and I canít help but mention the double birthdays.

However, I realized it made me have a special relationship with my parents. I grew up and was mature beyond my years so I could be there for my mother as she fought her way through. I realized I entertained myself much of the time and had to take more responsibility for myself than most kids that age do. It really helped define me.

As a photojournalist, Iím always looking to show the world something they havenít seen before, or something familiar, from a different perspective. The most effective stories are those with some heart behind them. They donít just show, they enlighten. The best way to do this is to tell a story dear to your heart, which is why Iím reaching out to this community.

Iím hoping to tell the story of divorce, through a childís eyes. Iím not looking to say something negative, or positive, Iím just looking to explore the topic. It could mean an extra close relationship between a parent and a child, or two separate but equal lives, split between homes. Iím trying not to go into this with any preconceptions. I just know I really want to tell the smaller story of divorce in North America, that of a childís.

If anyone here is open to talking about their experience or helping me with my project, I would be greatly appreciative. Any help, guidance, or thoughts would be wonderful.

I can be reached at [email protected] or my cell phone 224.730.2824.

My past work and experiences can be seen at granthindsley.com if any are interested.

Thanks so much for your time.


Grant Hindsley