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#756501 - 11/20/12 09:52 PM A 30 day notice
Eli1 Offline

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My husband wrote me a note giving me a 30 day notice to vacate the property. Do I have to vacate? I live in NC.

#756502 - 11/22/12 03:52 AM Re: A 30 day notice [Re: Eli1]
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What does it actually say ? Is this his version of an eviction notice ? Or are you at the end of a divorce and this is a judge's order for you to vacate the marital property ?

General rule of themb......don't move out until you want to. Is this how you found out he wants a divorce ? Or is this well into the process ?

Are there kids involved ?

Giving more info like length of marriage, income levels, kids, equity in the house, whether lawyers are involved usually help you get a more specific answer.

#756503 - 10/29/16 05:34 PM Re: A 30 day notice [Re: finz]
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I have the (almost) the same question. Wife owns home. Soley in her name, purschased in 2009, married in 2013. We have lived together, since 2008. Her income, is two and one-half times mine. No children. No lawyers involved...yet. What are my legal grounds?

#756504 - 10/30/16 05:34 AM Re: A 30 day notice [Re: Steve777]
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What are your specific questions? Legal grounds in regard to what?

#756505 - 11/01/16 03:30 AM Re: A 30 day notice [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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Your wife probably can't kick you out of the house unless there's domestic violence or abuse involved.

As far as ownership, if she owned it free and clear before the marriage it may be hers, but if the marital estate (any income from either of you during the marriage) went into paying the mortgage you're probably entitled to half of the value (and half of any debt or mortgage)


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