It will be 2 years in December that my wife asked for a divorce. The process has dragged on from initially intending a mediated divorce, to her hiring a lawyer. She has been hospitalized multiple times for severe depression. Two court dates have been postponed due to one of the extended visits and simply her not having her papers ready for her attorney. I'm stuck trying to refinance the mortgage (at an affordable rate), buying her out of the house, taking care of two teenagers, whose college I will probably be paying. She has been in and out of 3 high paying jobs over the last 2 years. Her pay rate is higher than mine (when she holds a job). Meanwhile, she has moved out leaving me to pay for EVERYTHING...
She now lives with her mother, and is driving her crazy. Her family has been very supportive of me and the kids.
I'm stuck. Does anyone know if there is any legal way to move this divorce forward, even without HER participation?
I see a new marriage in the future, but I can't be legally married to two people at once...
My lawyer seems uninterested. Probably time for a new one.
Any ideas???
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