I am a bit in shock and am turning to anyone who can help me. I found out yesterday, that my spouse, who we have been seperated due to numerous reasons too list but I wanted to try and work things out as we have been married for over 20 yrs and the response was, yes but its more complicated then you think and I couldn't understand what kind of response, either you do or you don't. Well, the truth came out and that he filed for divorce over a yr and a half and that we are divorced and that the reason I didn't know is because I couldn't be served? Couldn't be served? Although I have emails and messages, stopped over numerous times I couldn't be found? I am in shock, is this even legal? I have been living with my folks and I couldn't be found? He says we are divorced, I now lost all my rights? What can I do? I am shocked that a Judge would sign it and I have no paperwork!