We decided to begin divorce proceeding. Since then all the small moments my 15 year old and iwould share , driving her to dance or watching a movie have disappeared. We are living together in same house for finanacial reasons but if she hears me and my daughter have a nice conversation she will start yelling at her to go do her homework. The other night she was sleeping on couch as thats what she does anytime she is home, and heard my daughter and I having a nice chat. she started asking her about homework and my daughter explained she was planning on doing it the next day saterday. Then she called my daughter into the room with her and after about 20 minutes of her talking softly so I could not hear it suddenly was very quiet. I get up and go into room, as i am enetering I hear my wife say under her breath "you better not" and say Jessica are you coming back. She does not look at me and says no I am watching "O'Reilly" (my daughter has no interest whatsoever in politics). I said well are we going to watch a movie. She would not look at me and just looked down and said no I am watching this. So I said "no one can stop you from talking to your father" and my wife throws a fit screaming I am bringing the kids into this , telling me to leave and that I am causing a fight. I saw my daughter getting even more upset so I backed down Its orrible she uses my daughter like a human shield and I am helpless.