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#758345 - 01/19/13 01:04 AM Both divorced but his custody is not finished
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My boyfriend and I are both leagally divorced. He is going back to court due to custody next month. We were highschool sweethearts and dated for 5 years and planned on getting married, however my parents disagreed and encouraged me to move on when I got to college. Being the people pleaser I am, I did as they asked and ended up marrying the man they picked out and was married for 25 years. When we were both seperated we reconnected. We moved in together when we were both divorced. My kids are 16,18 and 20, my ex and I have no morality clause in our decree. My boyfriend is going back to court next month to finalize their custody agreement. His ex is doing everything to keep his 12 year old daughter away from him, even before I was involved in the situation. Can his ex put in a morality clause in the custody agreement?? He will fight it. I have raised 3 wonderful kids and I am no threat to their daughter. We have known eachother since we were 14 and his family is thrilled we are back together. We live in Florida. We will get married but right now the custody battle takes all of our time and energy. He was such a hands on dad and has only spent a total 8 hours since last June. His first attorney totally screwed up their temporary agreement and mother has complete control of their daughter. He misses her sooooo much it breaks my heart. She lied to the judge at original divorce court and portrayed him as a bad father. He is a wonderful father! His 22 year old son will be testifying on his behalf on the next court date. We have no plans to change our living arrangements unless ex gets the morality clause. Does she stand a chance? Thank you for your advice in advance!

#758346 - 01/19/13 02:40 PM Re: Both divorced but his custody is not finished [Re: lauriepjs]
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If you're going to get married anyway, that would be the best way to avoid any morality clause -- but in one sentence, you say **we will get married** and in another you say **we have no plans to change our living arrangements unless ex gets the morality clause**

And as for the custody battle taking all your time and energy? Does it take more than a day to get married in Florida? It's entirely possible to get married and have a wedding at another time.

She can attempt to put amorality clause in the custoday arrangement, he can fight it -- but the end result is that you're getting married at some point anyway. Put an end to the possibility and just do the deed.

#758347 - 01/20/13 12:15 AM Re: Both divorced but his custody is not finished [Re: BeachBabeRN]
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That was my first thought too - just get married and avoid the hassle of a morality clause not to mention courts look more favorably on you all being married then shacking up.

Get married at the courthouse and have a wedding later on when the custody issue is settled and you can take the time and energy you are using for the custody battle and put it towards a wedding.

Good Luck!!!

#758348 - 05/14/13 12:57 PM Re: Both divorced but his custody is not finished [Re: annieo]
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Head to the courthouse and tie the knot. You're already living together, an elaborate wedding isn't necessary, just get the papers to back up what you're already doing. Problem solved.
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