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#758448 - 01/24/13 01:53 PM Home Ownership
julia37 Offline

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Hello, In the process of a possible divorce. Our home was purchased by my spouse a couple years before we were married. Not paid for, but traditional mortgage. My name was never added to the loan, We married almost 7 years ago. What are my rights in a divorce as to our home? Thank You, Julia

#758449 - 01/25/13 05:49 PM Re: Home Ownership [Re: julia37]
javajunkiee Offline
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The standard (unless other agreements are reached) is half of the equity that has accrued during the length of the marriage. If it is worth less than is owed you're also entitled to half the loss you would take if it were sold.
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#758450 - 01/27/13 01:12 PM Re: Home Ownership [Re: javajunkiee]
julia37 Offline

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Since it is not in my name, does that mean my husband automatically gets the house and then pays me the half equity since our marriage or do I have any rights to the house?

#758451 - 01/28/13 09:50 PM Re: Home Ownership [Re: julia37]
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Might want to make sure there's positive equity in the home prior to asking for any share of it -- if there's no equity to divide in the event of a sale, you'd then be liable for half the loss.

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#758452 - 01/28/13 10:51 PM Re: Home Ownership [Re: julia37]
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If you are better able to pay him his share of the equity and take over the mortgage, that is always a possibility, if that's what you mean.


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