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#759211 - 02/15/13 03:26 AM Need Advise/long post
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I am new to this group and Need advice. My husband and I got divorced several years ago. Due to financial issues & to make it easier for my kids-he invited me to live in their new house. I lived there for 3 years. Last Sunday he was hateful to our 13 year old. I stood up for our son which angered me ex. He stormed out...came back 30 minutes later and forced me to leave. Both kids in tears. I am not a co owner of the house but was told the way he did it was illegal. I am at my parents and miss and worry about my kids! My husband has a violent temper...he never hit me but I suffered emotional abuse for years. Finances r tight...I don't know what to do.

#759212 - 02/15/13 01:49 PM Re: Need Advise/long post [Re: DebGray]
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Who has custody of the kids according to your divorce decree?

#759213 - 02/18/13 12:01 AM Re: Need Advise/long post [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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I think when someone told you it was illegal they meant you should have had something in writing describing the terms of your tenancy, since you were divorced and not in a romantic relationship with him.

I don't know every state's law but I doubt there is any state where a person can be thrown out of their place of residence with zero notice, with or without a lease. You need to check on roommates rights or tenants rights laws specific to your state.

It's outrageous that he pulled a stunt like that in front of the children, and well worth adding to your custody events log (if you don't have one, you should start one to protect your rights)

#759214 - 03/04/13 11:49 PM Re: Need Advise/long post [Re: DebGray]
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You suffered emotional abuse from him for years and you have since voluntarily moved into his house for 3 years ?

If you tried to use that against him in court, I doubt that a judge would find that your ex was the unstable one. I'd rethink that strategy.

I don't know what happened with the incident with your 13 yo or what you would qualify as 'hateful' behavior on your ex's part. I do understand that I don't know any parent of a teen who always managed things optimally. Teens can be a challenge. If you really think your ex crossed a line over that incident with your child, you have to do whatever you can to protect that child. Do you think this is an incident for child protective services ? Or do you think your ex overreacted, but wasn't totally out of line ? Have you talked to your ex since about the incident ? Have you had parenting time with the kids since ?

#759215 - 03/17/16 12:18 PM Re: Need Advise/long post [Re: finz]
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for your child you should contact to a lawyer for child custody. It is very hard for the child to stay with that person who has short temper.


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