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#760231 - 03/12/13 02:37 AM how to draft an order for emergency divorce
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I live in Lawrence Kansas and was married for 10 years. My wife left me for a woman. I knew she had lesbian feelings earlier but she convinced me she wanted to fight it and I agreed to stay. Last year we finally decided that it was too much to fight and that it was unfair to both of us. We have been separated for almost six months and thought we had our divorce stuff all finalized. I found out though that I had to draft an order of emergency divorce and the court couldn't tell me how to do that. I have looked online but with little luck. I can't really afford a 200 dollar an hour lawyer to draft the order and was hoping I could just learn to do it myself. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Maybe show a sample of what they even look like. Thanks any help will be much appreciated.

We want this emergency divorce because she is moving and I have found someone else. My girlfriend and I don't feel comfortable moving on until this is all resolved. I do have a doctors note that says that emergency divorce is recommended due to emotional stress. Again any help will be much appreciated.

#760232 - 07/27/13 11:57 PM Re: how to draft an order for emergency divorce [Re: johnanon]
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Wouldn't it be easier to just file Monday and wait the 6 months? You don't even have to communicate during that 6-months unless you have kids.

Also, it sounds like you may want to consider counseling before jumping into a new relationship/marriage. End this one and learn a bit about yourself before involving someone else.


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