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#760482 - 03/20/13 03:29 AM Parent Student loans are in my name only
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After raising 4 kids for 18 years we are divorcing. Two of our children have attended college with parent loans from the federal government. The oldest child is mine prior to marriage but the loans were taken out during marriage. The loans were based off of our combined income through the FAFSA. However, only one parent can e-sign which was me "good old mom" so the loans are solely in my name. The debt between our two children totals 70,000 in parent loans! My son is making payments on his portion and our daughter together is still attending college, therefore those loans are in deferment. It still does not change the fact that these parent loans are in my name. My lawyer says judges generally wont rule on loans regarding children over the age of 18. It will have to become a part of negotiations. No matter what the loans cannot be put in my soon to be ex's name or shared so it leaves me with a huge debt to income ratio for the life of the loans. Potentially my soon to be ex could say too bad so sad and walk away with half of all our assests and no debt regarding the parent loans. Any suggestions??

#760483 - 03/21/13 02:49 AM Re: Parent Student loans are in my name only [Re: IAFF]
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Logically, you can try to negotiate 1/2 the loan on the one child that is his. Or, like myself, I borrowed just under $70K myself and paid 100% of my own school loans. I never dreamed of my parents paying those loans.

#760484 - 03/22/13 11:51 PM Re: Parent Student loans are in my name only [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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Thank you


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