My husbands lawyer is going after my retirement. The divorce was originally filed by me from the date of marriage to the date of separation (18 years!). Once I realized my retirement was being sought after, I informed my lawyer my husband and I lived together for 3 years prior to marriage. I stayed home pregnant with our child and took care of our 4 children, putting my career on hold. While he established his career and began earning retirement. I am entitled to have those 3 years included in the retirement settlements. We then had to make a motion to amend the dates to include the 3 years prior to marriage. I meet all the criteria for a judge to consider the Committed integrated relationship. My soon ex's lawyer threw the biggest fit and requested I pay his attorney fees for the amendment (700.00)and they would agree to it. I also have to pay my lawyer. My lawyer sent a letter asking to agree to the amendment and reserve any lawyer fee requests for negotiations. My soon ex's lawyer through a fit and said no. If I don't pay him they will see us in court and ask for all fees to include court costs be paid by me and they will fight the CIR amendment. Do you think a judge will rule in his favor and order me to pay all fees because I requested the amendment? HELP I HATE LAWYERS!