I have been married for 15 years. Last year I found out that my husband was having affairs through the internet and it seems that now he has fallen in love with this woman that he’s never met but they have been exchanged love letters and having virtual “sex”. That is the reason I want the separation. I have given him 5 changes to break up with her if he wanted to rebuild our marriage, which he said he wanted. He had other affairs before this one (4 that I know). We even went to counseling but he lied to me and to the therapist that he has stopped things whit her. I confronted him in front of the therapist and he admitted. I have printed theirs email to proof (he does not know I have the hard copies).
My husband has been legally blind since before our marriage. He receives social security and disability insurance from him previous job (that he lost because of his disability 10 years ago).
We owe 4 properties ( 3 rental) ( # 1 he bought 6 years before we married, we lived there for 5 years and now is a rental that I help to maintain and managed and have paid for several improvements). The property is almost paid off. The second one he bought when we were already married with the money he inherited from his dad. He used that money for the down payment, we financed for 15 years but couple years late he sold his stocks to pay it off. It is also a property that I helped to maintain since the day he bought and also paid for several improvements. . The 3rd property is the house we are living in, the 4th is also a rental that we just bought a year ago with the money I inherited from my dad. I have paid for everything but he helped (not financially) maintain it and dealing with the tenant.
My husband’s mother, now 90 years old, has been living with us for 10 years – which did not help the marriage. I have taken care of her for all those years practically by myself as he did not want to be involved. Except when things got bad between me and his mom so he would tried to calm us down. His mother is in a lot of medication, she is diabetic, bipolar, and illiterate, and with a bad attitude). But, for the last year after many complains , he is now taking care of her ( she is financially dependent though).
I make almost 3 times of the money my husband makes, we do not have children I am not a citizen (I hold a green card)
My husband is a good writer and good musician and can easily makes extra money playing in bars, but he chose to record his owe cd (which he did) and now is working on the 3rd one, but he spends more money than making it.
Things are pretty cold between us for the last year, we have barely talked and we are practically living separate lives. I have told him that I want to separate, and it seems he wants the same things but have not done anything about. I don’t think he will ever do. I want to separate but don’t know what to expect in terms of finance.
1) Because he is blind and I making more money than him, do I have to pay alimony?
2) The fact that he is blind will work against me?
3) The print out of the emails will consider prove that he is having an affair although they did not have physical contact?
4) I have 401K and retirement benefits from my company that he never helped to contribute. Is he entitling of half of it?
5) I have 3 join accounts (with my mother, and 2 siblings) that lived out of country. These are their accounts, my name is there just to help managing the money since they don’t live in this country and don’t speak the language. Can my husband claim for half of the money in those accounts?
6) We do not have join accounts do I need to give half of my money in savings and stocks? My husbandalso have some investments, can I ask for half?