I have been married only 8 months and we agree its mot woking. I am a 26 year old male that makes 56k a year out of college for one year now. My wife is 25 years old female, in college and working making 13k a year. She has unclaimed baby sitting money ($250/week) that is not included. I have paid all the bills. I sold her car she came into the marriage with for $4500, and she drives a car that was gifted to me for $10 from my father that is worth $15,000. That car was gifted the day after marriage. My other car I owe $30,000 on a $35,000 car I just purchased ontop of that. She is looking to take all of the wedding gifts from the wedding I paid for. She is leaving me my computers and furniture I came into the marriage with. Can she take all of that and leave me with all the bills. We are in the early stages of this and she has lawyer friends. I have yet found a lawyer and just wanted to know where someone like me stands on this. I told her I'd give her double the money I sold her car for if she leaves me the gifted one.