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#762125 - 05/09/13 02:07 PM Uncontested Divorce...Need Help!
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I am trying to fill out the paperwork myself to save from the attorneys fees. I am a single mother and I can barely afford the filing fees. So I am totally confused and want to make sure I do it correct the first time. A couple things I wanted opinions on is the following:

-When it comes to listing your expenses on the family law financial affidavit, how far can you go with that. It even has spot for entertainment. Is that even relevant? I want to make sure and have all that needs to be included. Like Diapers, wipes, but is that to be included in grooming?

-My husband and I have a joint debt with the IRS for the last 5 years now, of which I have paid. Took the sum from 10,000 to a now $3500. I only think its fair for him to take that over. Well pay it and I keep handling. He will let it default and we will be back where we started. Any way to address that in the papers?

-And last for now...the child support guidelines worksheet, is anyone else confused by this? I cant figure it out. :confused: :confused:

#762126 - 05/14/13 10:20 PM Re: Uncontested Divorce...Need Help! [Re: jewell0227]
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The IRS fees would typically split. Whatever was paid while married is considered to be from the same pot. You can fill in the needs and all, but they won't make much difference. That area is usually only used when the support is lowered below guideline because the other parent is picking up many additional expenses, and it's uncommon. Otherwise, support will based on a simple formula, based on individual incomes and time with the kids.

#762127 - 06/07/13 01:30 PM Re: Uncontested Divorce...Need Help! [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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You are right, the Florida divorce forms needed for a dissolution of marriage with minor children can be confusing and time consuming to complete.

To answer some of your questions, you will want to complete the financial affidavit with as much accuracy as possible. Any expenses for the minor child would go under that section and if you have other expenses you can place them on the blank lines provided for you on the form.

If you are asking for your husband to be responsible for the IRS fees, you could place them on the "Other" section of the petition, in addition to listing them on the Financial Affidavit, and checking in the box stating that you request the judge to hold husband responsible for the debt.

As for the child support guidelines worksheet, you would simply fill it out based on the information contained in the financial affidavits and if applicable, complete the further calculations if there is substantial time-sharing between the parents (73 overnights or more per year).

If you need assistance completing the forms, please feel free to PM me. I am an experiened legal document preparer in Florida with over 9 years of experience. Good luck!


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