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#762174 - 05/11/13 12:41 PM Not my child's bio dad and never married
carley96 Offline

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My ex boyfriend who is not my child's bio dad and we were never married has filed for custody of my daughter.
He has helped raise her for 5 years, and insists that he has more rights as a parent than I do.

This man has been arrested for theft while my daughter was in his care, and is on supervised probation for another year. He also had a child service's complaint filed against him while my child was in his care.

I have allowed the relationship between the two of them to continue because I don't have the heart to take away the only dad my child has ever known, yet him and I can not get along. We are constantly arguing and he is always going against my parenting wishes. We have been apart for 2 years now and he still berates me as a mother, name calls, and threatens to ruin my life if I don't let him see her.

My daughter has mental heath issues that need addressed but he refuses to see it. I have been diagnosed with mental health issues as well but nothing that is dangerous to my parenting. When I have depressive phases, I allow her to stay with him at his home, then she comes back to my home.

I have never been arrested or investigated by child services. Does anyone know if he has any chance in court of winning?

#762175 - 07/12/13 11:14 PM Re: Not my child's bio dad and never married [Re: carley96]
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Whose name is on the child's birth certificate? That is who the legal father is.

#762176 - 02/22/14 11:11 PM Re: Not my child's bio dad and never married [Re: MinnesotaMom]
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That would be ludicrous to do (him). He won't get a damn thing. He is not her father regardless of how long he's been around. Do not allow your child around him. That is insane in itself to do. It will do her more harm than good to throw her into the hands of a guy like that. He can try all he wants, but it's hard to argue when he is not biologically related to the child. I know this from experience.

#762177 - 08/21/15 02:55 PM Re: Not my child's bio dad and never married [Re: darkhorse]
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As ridiculous as it may sound, it is possible for the ex boyfriend to be granted custody even though he is not the biological father. It can be viewed that he is the ONLY father that the child knows and has been viewed as a father figure for many years. Has your ex been paying child support after the separation? If not, take the advantage of him getting this court date set up, agree to give him VISITATION with you remaining the sole custodial residential parent, under the condition he pays child support.


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