My ex wife used false allegations to file against me and led me astray by agreeing to marriage council meetings and even got me to walk through the house we were going to buy. She and her mother called the police the night they decided they wanted me out and told them she had been victimized, domestic violence. We had been together 23 years and I found out she had been planning this for months. She even waited until I drew my pay from the state at the end of each month and waited for it to post and closed our joint accounts. I had no money no where to go and she filed a restraining order and I could only see my son under supervision. My high school sweet heart became someone I did not know. Being a state law enforcement officer for the last 17 years and her filing on grounds of anger management problems, psychological and physical abuse and mental defect did not help my standing in the community. I had to go to a psychologist and be tested and observed just to disprove her basis for divorce was false. Talk about having your mind and heart broken brothers and sisters I was there and still am and this was two years ago. I had just called in every favor and pulled every string I could to get her a principals job. Now she has been hired as a principal in north Alabama 2 hours away from my son. I have since been layed off and because of her little rant I can't buy a job. I have a four year degree from Samford and McDonald's won't even interview me because of my character assassination. I draw about a thousand a month minus child support and she just bought a new house with a pool. She should thank God for children I would never have gone through it uncontested. I just couldn't bare the thought of my son doing without. I now live in an RV on my great grandmothers old home place. I have never been near or in my wildest dreams imagined I could wind up like this. Some body, anybody tell me if you can relate to my situation I just stay at home until the weekend when I get my son. The only other time I get out is to get food I have no one to talk to that understands what I am going through. I pray and pray for a better day God has always seen me through but its never been anything like this. Just a reply something to let me know I not going crazy.