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#762494 - 05/25/13 06:41 PM Moving a child out of state
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I want to move to Colorado since that is where my husband is living. I have an on going case w my daughter's father here in Florida. Right now he only has supervised visitation (which he has not seen her in 2.5 years) There is a parenting plan which has not been signed by a judge yet in process. Do I have to notify my daughter's father and file an intent w the court or can I move and just come back for a hearing. I have nothing in writing that is signed by a judge that says I cant leave. Even If I do have to file an intent, can I go ahead and move and just come back when there is a hearing on the intent because my daughter hasn't not seen or talked to her father in 2.5 years and he would not even know if we moved, or do I have to file the intent and stay until a hearing happens and I get permission from the courts to move? I have never had to deal with this so I am not sure what I can or cannot do on this matter. Any answers on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

#762495 - 06/01/13 03:22 AM Re: Moving a child out of state [Re: lb12345]
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Start by checking your states laws. If it says written notification then notify him in writing. My state says the NCP must be notified 60 days prior to the intended move. He can protest it and if he does you will probably have to keep the child in that state until the hearing. it would be up to you to prove that it would be beneficial for her to move (not you, her) but if he has not seen her in over 2 years he can't really argue that the move will hurt his relationship with her.

Keep in mind that while the CO now says supervised visits it would very well change with you moving a long distance and you would probably be responsible for transportation. Your chances of being granted a move are probably better than average since he is not an involved parent. Just be prepared for him to want to be involved if you say you are relocating with the child.

You might be able to just go and inform him later but if he files a complaint it could put you in a bad position.
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