my wife left about a month ago, she moved in with a guy i thought was my friend. prior to her leaving he would come by the house, tell us about his problems and say you have a beautiful wife, she would tell me he would message her alot, he was pretty messed up (long time drug abuse, alcoholic, 16 years jail time) but still i thought he was my friend. then one day i came home during work and he was in my house with her, they were sitting on the couch figuring out his new cell phone (hes not real smart) I didnt think anything of it at the time. the one day i called her and asked her what she was doing she lied about where she was, couple days later she was supposed to go to a friend of hers sons recital, about 2 hours after she left her friend called and asked me where my wife was, obviously not with her, so i went to where the recital was and texted her, "whatcha doin" she responded "at the recital itll be over soon" so i waited and she never came out, after that i saw a truck pulling into the parking lot, it was my so called friend and my wife, she got out of the truck and into her car, next night she stayed out all night, and the next night as well, on that afternoon around 12 she moved out of my house and in with him. fast forward a month later shes still with him, and now she has bruises on her arms which i believe is rough sex with her new guy. any of you legal peeps think this may be proof of adultery? i have filed for adultery already and drug abuse on her part. I have proof of the drugs

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