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#763764 - 07/12/13 06:15 PM Child support calculator income question
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I went from working full time to part time and my income has drastically reduced in the past month and will stay at that level. When filling out the child support work sheet does it average the whole year or just the last two pay stubs? Is there ever a time where they need to be handed in? Sorry this is my first time doing this and I am not sure of the process. But is the calculator more of an honor system that my ex and I have to agree on or does the court actually verify this information?

#763765 - 01/18/15 07:47 PM Re: Child support calculator income question [Re: LGS2012]
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Your opposing party may argue that your reduced income is "under-earning" and may ask the court to attribute a higher amount based on historical data. However, if your income has changed for reasons beyond your control, you should use the current rate.

#763766 - 01/06/16 04:17 PM Re: Child support calculator income question [Re: hallunderwood]
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Here are some awesome Child Support Facts that I have found very useful :)


#763767 - 01/10/16 10:49 AM Re: Child support calculator income question [Re: LGS2012]
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The courts typically verify the information. That is what the disclosure process is for.

You will want to look up what imputed income means since you are willfully underemployed. I suspect that you will be treated like you are still working full time when it comes to support calculations.


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