We have joint legal custody of our daughter, but I am the parent of primary residence. My ex, never paid the court ordered mortgage payment so our farm is going up for sheriffs sale. My daughter is 8yrs old, she knows what is going on, though she shouldn't, but kids these days are too smart for their own good!! The sale is in two weeks, giving me about 4-6 weeks before we become homeless, animals and all. My parents proposed an opportunity that I'd be stupid to pass up, BUT it means moving 3 hours away out of state. NOW, if I were to move into their home, in NJ I'd be moving 2.5 hours away, keep that in mind. The out of state opportunity would be relocating all of us, animals included, to a similar situation where I could make a living right on the farm. I considered a home school program where my daughter could be able to be away from home to visit with her father for a week and still be able to do her studies, but that poses a problem because even now on his regular visits, he cant even oversea her doing her homework 2 days a week. I'm in a bind! I don't want to get in trouble, but I know what is BEST for my daughter. He just lives with his girlfriend and lies about it so she doesn't loose he alimony, she even took me to court because the school sent him a letter about my daughter there and she said I did it on purpose. I do believe that I'm in for a battle on this one!!!