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#766250 - 12/22/13 04:24 PM looking for some answers in MD
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My girlfriend and her ex both live in MD and I live in Va. Her daughter is 10 and they have joint custody but I dont think that it is a 50/ 50 as she has most of the week but either way. Right now he is about $14k behind in support. He has not held any job more then 6 months in the last 4 years since we have been dating that I can remember. My GF can barely afford it live alone where she is when he does pay. Why would she not be able to move in with me in Va to make ends meet and be able to afford to give her daughter the things that she needs. I understand that he has custody also but if he cant keep a job and pay his support how long will this go on? I own my own home and business and could help them make ends meet instead of living the way that they do now.

#766251 - 12/23/13 12:41 AM Re: looking for some answers in MD [Re: bretrx7]
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She could go to court and ask for permission to move away. He might agree if she forgives some of the arrears or reduces his CS payment. If she does move away then she might have to pay for transportation for his visitations. No promises, but it worth looking into.

#766252 - 12/28/13 12:46 AM Re: looking for some answers in MD [Re: matilda]
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How does your gf's ex feel about the prospect of her trying to move their child ?

It sounds like he is spending time with their child every week. If he doesn't want the child to be moved away from him, would he be agreeable to being the custodial parent ?

If your gf can't afford the area she lives in, she CAN move.


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