Please note that many victims are hearing about this movie and thinking it will bring attention to the atrocities that are happening in our Family Courts and will help them. This couldn't be further from the truth. While this movie will bring attention to the broken family court system it also as a very dangerous agenda and is funded by radical Father's Rights Activists.

Three seperate interviews were conducted without revealing the full agenda behind the movie -

"I have not yet seen the film, but I do think that the clip that they used of me in the trailer is out of context and is misleading as to what I believe." ~Gloria Allred

The other two interviews were with Dr. Drew and Judge Gothard.

It supports and advocates that most allegations of abuse (physical & sexual) are false and made only to "win" in court. Please help get the word out.
Thanks, Patricia

From Boycott Divorce - ([censored]
Divorce Corp. [DC] is a film which is being touted as exposing and fighting family court corruption and dysfunction, which almost everyone agrees is a good thing.

However, the hidden agenda is the promotion of Forced Equal Parenting [FEP] (otherwise known as presumptive joint custody). They are promoting FEP as the solution to the corruption.

The problem is that simply is not true. FEP will not end the corruption and it will harm children. [See: The Truth About Equal Parenting]

DC is simply the latest strategy in an attempt to convince the public to accept FEP as the best custody outcome. A version of the age-old Trojan Horse strategy is being used to sneak biased and harmful messages to the public.
DC is asserting that because Scandinavia has FEP laws, and most cases are mediated there (hence avoiding the family court mill) that FEP is the solution. However, what they omit is that the vast majority of custody cases in the U.S. and elsewhere are mediated as well, without FEP.

They also omit the fact that the vast majority of contested cases (the cases depicted in DC which last a long time and cost a lot), involve allegations of abuse, and the few that don't involve parents who can't get along well enough to agree on custody. FEP is not a good thing for children in either of those situations so their solution is not really a solution at all.

Divorce Corp. has been quick to defend that FEP does not apply in abuse cases, and state those should be in criminal court, but that is deceptive. D.A.'s refuses to prosecute child abuse, especially sexual abuse, claiming there is "insufficient evidence" to reach the high burden of proof necessary to convict. CPS commonly ignores evidence in cases where the abuser has enough money for an attorney and also shunts them into family court.

So abuse cases inevitably end up in family court, subjected to family court laws. They involve protracted litigation because the protective parent (usually the mother) will never stop fighting for the safety of her children and the abuser (usually the father) will never stop fighting to protect his reputation, his pocketbook and his control over his victims. DC does not address what happens to abuse cases in Scandinavia, so to say that Scandinavia has a better system than we do is not valid.

DC is also claiming that a major problem in family courts is parents making false allegations of abuse in order to get favorable custody decisions, when exactly the opposite is true. The major problem in abuse cases is that judges routinely disregard and conceal evidence of abuse and give custody to abusers. Parents are warned that if they make allegations, they will probably lose custody, and the research bears this out. [See: The Truth About False Allegations]

DC is claiming to be gender neutral, but FEP has been the main agenda of fathers' rights groups for decades. DC creators did not interview those who have opposing viewpoints to their "solution", in fact they appear to have kept it secret from those they did interview who would have disputed it. [See: Allred, Gothard and Dr. Drew Duped??]

Research has shown that FEP can be very harmful to protective parents and children, which is why we are boycotting it. It is well-documented that when abuse is reported, it is dismissed and custody is give to the abuser. FEP will only make it harder to protect children.