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#766323 - 01/24/14 09:30 PM marriage from hell
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Ok me and an ex use 2 date. We dated for almost 5 yrs but during the 3rd yr I knew he cheated I asked and he kept sayin no until the chick got prego. He claimed he loved the both of us and I kno that was bs but eventually he married her which I knew he would do but he mainly did for his kids she got prego again before he got married and thats wen I knew 2 leave him alone. The only reason I stayed friends with him was bc of the few times I could count on him wen I couldn't count on my fam. They got married and I moved away. I moved back 2 help a family member pay bills. Wen I was gone he said they were going through a divorce thats why he asked me 2 send him money 2 help him. I sent it and we only tlked as friends. Wen I moved back we still tlked as friends for awhile and for the longest she said she was going to take us 2 court for adultery even though we all knew even her that we didnt do anything. Well weeks later we had relations. Only about 2-3 times. Everytime before we did I always asked arent u still married and he said no. Now she tryin 2 get us for adultery but she has been neglecting her kids before she got a job and idk how she got one without a g.e.d or a high school diploma and she has chocked, beaten, and punched him in the face. By all means he is an awesome dad he would do anything for his daughters but her on the other hand not really. Idk if he seen a lawyer or not but if he didnt what would happen on my part. Like for commiting adultery even though they only been married since may or june of 2013 and she moved out around the end of 2013. In my book since he didnt see and consult with a lawyer its adultery so what will happen on my part? Will I have 2 pay money or what

#766324 - 01/26/14 12:14 PM Re: marriage from hell [Re: 2much]
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Adultery occurs when a married person sleeps with someone outside his marriage vows. Therefore, he committed adultery. Simple. It's also very difficult to prove unless someone admits to it in a court of law.

You need to step away from this man. He cheated on you, he cheated on her, he's a POS for doing that. He needs to figure all this out before he involves himself with anyone else.

You sent him money???? And you dare to put down his wife, who got a job with no GED or HS diploma? I wouldn't go giving yourself airs about your intelligence -- aside from the obvious less than smart decisions you're making in sleeping with a married man, your post is written in **text speak** and is rife with misspellings, grammar errors etc.

Run away from this situation and don't look back. He cheated on you, he cheated on her and there's no real evidence that he's going to stop.


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