I have a friend who is going through a divorce. I will try to get enough info here to get good feedback... His " ex basically started to shack up with someone else. They basically agreed to get a divorce. He generated a set of agreed divorce DIY papers and a proposal for a split of marital assets exactly 50-50 (prepared by an MBA plus assistance from CPA for pension and retirement valuations). Plus he gave her the right to all household goods, he would accept what she left. He gave her a preliminary copy and asked her to provide any feedback on proposed changes. Two months went by with barely a sign of her and on the few times he saw her, she wouldn't discuss it. He decided long enough. He barely has two dimes to rub together trying to keep bills paid so a lawyer was out. He filed without one. On the initial court appearance, she shows up with a lawyer but the lawyer is not prepared. He had not even seen the original proposals he provided her. She gave them to him in the courtroom. The judge granted a continuance for 60 days to negotiate the settlement. About day 50-55, he received a proposal identical EXCEPT they wanted to double dip the pension. My friend said no but made a counter offer that if they wanted to treat the pension in the manner they wanted, he made an appropriate adjustment to a cash payout for his original to make the value 50-50. Now is the problem. He has not heard any response to his counter but the judge keeps giving the lawyer continuances. They have a very low value of net assets to even split. This should have been settled by the judge in about a two minute session. The judge was ready to render a judgment in their first court session after about two minutes and stated on record as such until the lawyer asked for and received the original continuance. This has dragged on for about a year. How does my friend force a final hearing? Remember that he is broke and the only assistance is a non-lawyer friend (MBA) available to him. Thank you for any response.