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#766480 - 02/21/14 03:36 AM Want divorce asap but house is in joint name
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We are WA state residents and live in pierce county and we want divorce.
We both agree to share half value of the joint house(which is about $100k)
But currently we are not getting good if we sell it now we will get way less than its worth but at the same time we want divorce as soon as possible what should we do about this jointly owned house (we don't have any other joint property)?

Also,currently am not employed so, can I ask my wife for spousal support and is that spousal support is monthly amount or its lump sum one time amount? How much money I can get for spousal support per month as my spouse does not have savings to give me lump sum amount?
She brings home about $3200 a month.

We don't have children.
We got married in nov. 2008.

#766481 - 02/21/14 09:03 PM Re: Want divorce asap but house is in joint name [Re: divwash]
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You want spousal support on a FIVE YEAR marriage, with no kids? Get off your lazy ASS and get to work supporting yourself.

Why give a "senior" discount, they have had plenty of time to raise the money...

#766482 - 06/18/14 05:16 PM Re: Want divorce asap but house is in joint name [Re: gr8Dad]
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Yeah I'm with gr8Dad on this one.
In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on. (Robert Frost)

#766483 - 08/20/14 05:50 PM Re: Want divorce asap but house is in joint name [Re: divwash]
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A friend of mine shared this resource with me a couple of days ago; [censored]:// If I had access to all the insights and strategies that are made available in this ebook I am confident that things would have worked out better for me.


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