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#766975 - 03/27/14 03:54 AM I need a direction!
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My wife just up and left with the kids a few months ago. She gave me no notice or told me anything. I tried to reconcile but she just wants to be free. Literally, her only response to me.

Now, I'm finding out the bills she was responsible for aren't being paid, and I'm stuck with everything. Between the mortgage, utilities, the bills she was supposed to pay, school payments, etc. I can barely feed myself. So, needless to say I have maybe a few hundred to pay for a divorce.

I want to take her to court to make her pay her half of the bills she abandoned and I want completely 50/50 custody - where I get the kids every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday..alternate Sundays. So, the easy 3 step online option doesn't give me this ability. How can I get divorced and not have to file bankruptcy while she lives the free and clear life with no repercussions?

#766976 - 04/02/14 03:25 AM Re: I need a direction! [Re: gutson]
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Do you know where she and the kids are ?

If she moved them far away from you, making regular and frequent visitation impossible, I would get a lawyer ASAP and worry about the finances later

#766977 - 04/09/14 05:14 AM Re: I need a direction! [Re: finz]
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Are the bills in her name only? If so, stop paying them, that's not your responsibility.

You can't afford NOT to have an attorney for this one.


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