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#767373 - 05/20/14 06:11 PM Custody advice please... I'm new here.
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My sons father and I have been divorced for 5 years. My son is 7. Through out the this time he has gotten behind and caught up on child support a few times and also went months without seeing our son, even though he has court awarded visitation. I've never been the type of mom to keep my son from him even after months of not seeing him. My ex settled down and remarried a woman with 2 kids and they have a baby together. He stopped getting my son on his scheduled weekday visit and only gets him every other weekend. He does nothing extra with him. There is zero contact until the Friday of his visit. No sports, no school activities. He sees him twice a month and that's it. Last summer he took him every other week a week at a time. This helped me out because child care is so expensive. So I sent him a text because he won't speak to me on the phone asking about this summer. He said he will speak with his wife and let me know. So I told him ok I just need to know so that I can arrange child care. He immediately says just to keep it the way it is now. That means now I responsible for full time child care that I can not afford. I feel like he just thinks my son is a nuisance. It kills me. Although I love having my son all the time, I do need his help and now I have to let my son know that his dad doesn't want the xtra time with him. My son has been looking forward to this. I just want to know if I have rights.

#767374 - 05/24/14 05:52 PM Re: Custody advice please... I'm new here. [Re: Kdawn1979]
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Not to be rude but you know how many custodial parents and children would LOVE to have the NCP take the child on their eow parenting time....

The fact that the child's father is taking him on his eow parenting time does in NO way imply that your ex thinks his child is a nuisance. It shows he is an INVOLVED father, which is something he DESERVES credit for not criticism.

What kind of "rights" are you looking for? You do have the right to ask for daycare assistance in the childsupport order and/or have an increase dependent on how long ago the last modification of childsupport was.

#767375 - 05/28/14 01:19 PM Re: Custody advice please... I'm new here. [Re: annieo]
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If you tell a 7 year old that his father **doesn't want the xtra time with him**?????

If you need additional money for child care, go to court and ask for it. Figure out how to make things work on your budget to secure appropriate care.

But to tell a 7 year old that? You'd hurt your own child like that????


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