1. Cut off all emotions! Divorce is a business transaction! No one cares not spouse, courts or lawyers. Emotions get in the way.
2. Get a good lawyer! All have free consultations use them
to interview lawyers. Remember you will be paying them big money find the best one who will fight for you!
3. Mediation- you will pay half of fee $500 for 2 hours!This
is additional to your lawyer!
4. You do not need to move out do not let the other spouse
force you out!
5. Inform yourself on every aspect of law. It will empower you.
6. Once a divorce is filed it becomes public document!I found out online at the courts website before I was served!
7. Stand up for yourself! But choose your battles! Be willing to sacrifice because if you drag it out it will cost you!
8. Once you sign it cannot be taken back read all fine print
and ask a lot of questions! This is your Divorce take control!