We are in MA.

We divorced in April 2013. He had 8 days and I had 6 days in 2-week period. Our agreement said we do not ask for child support instead he pays for the first $10,000 child expenses, after that he pays 60% and I pays 40%. I pay medical insurance for everyone including him (about $4000).

Last month, we modified parenting time through court to 50 -50. I wonder if I qualify for modifying child support under the new guild line. MA has new child support guide line since Aug 2013. There is certainly inconsistency from applying the guild line due to changing in parenting time.

Since we are not receiving child support collection services through the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, I am not sure if I need to qualify for "a substantial change in circumstances"?

My question is: can I go to the court and ask for modification in child support? Do I qualify for modification? He has substantial more income that I do.