My husband filed for divorce and by Ohio law I have to respond to this summons with a answer within 28 days or he ultimately will receive judgment.Here's where my questions begins, I'll try and be brief.Along with filing my answer AND counterclaim (requesting temporary spousal support while divorce is pending) I filed with the court a 75 (N) (Affidavit in Support of Request for temporary orders) and the courts required Schedule IV.Since the court date was 12/8 and a judgement/decision hasn't been e-journalized for public record yet, any ideas for this reason? Since it was a Affidavit hearing, I wasn't required to be in court that day so that's why I don't know the results.Local&Ohio rules are so confusing and seem to have conflicting information about rulings and procedure. I just browsed across my courts local rules that are in support/lieu of R.C and O.R.C and I seemed to run across a few things I may have initially missed when I filed my counterclaim. 1.Local rule 7 indicates with regard to motions that The moving party or his counsel shall notify opposing counsel of record (or the opposing party if
unrepresented) of the time, date and place of hearing. Counsel shall certify on the original motion that he
has given such notification, and has mailed the motion on the date the motion was filed. In my case, my original motion filed with the courts had one date and the one sent to attorney had a different date...I'm so frustrated and confused and the process while representing yourself in a adversarial divorce is definitely not recommended!! Any thoughts or answers would be greatly appreciated!