If your family is in conflict, avoid the Colorado family courts and court appointees to help resolve family issues. Individuals may be using the children as pawns or re-victimize the children and parent and escalate conflict to secure family financial resources for their personal gain.

Go to the Parents United for Change site for more information garnered from many, many Colorado parents who have experienced this in Colorado family courts.

PRE—parent responsibility evaluator—no standards of practice, no checks and balances, no accountability for individuals serving in this role. Tend to charge 10’s of thousands of dollars. One PRE makes recommendations in one court hearing. Have another PRE appointee in a subsequent hearing who makes recommendations just the opposite. It keeps the money flowing from your family to those working in the industry. Your children continue to be pawns in the conflict. Research shows the PRE role is ineffective.

There are no limits as to what PREs can charge in Colorado. The judge or magistrate usually accepts their “recommendations” –possibly without even reading the report. There is no standardized training for PREs. They do no follow up as to the outcomes for the children.

My family court helper, a licensed mental health professional”?” was appointed to serve as a SA (now called Child and Family Investigator --CFI) and decided she would be what she called a parent coordinator instead. At the time the role was not defined in statute, had no standards of practice or standardized training. It still doesn’t have standards of practice or standardized training.

She did this until I filed a complaint with the state DORA mental health licensure board. She submitted a second set of records of billing in reply to the complaint that reported all her work was that of a SA. In other words she recreated her original past billings which showed she was trying to serve in multiple roles as a licensed mental health professional. I still have copies of both “sets” of billings. Similar things have happened to many, many, many parents who realized too late that the mental health professional was not following the standards of practice for their mental health license.

My family court helper had completed over 100 PRES/custody evaluations and never done any follow-up as to the outcomes of the children. She now works with a one stop shopping group of attorneys and accountants as their go to mental health family court helper. Avoid Colorado Family Courts!!!!

The Early Neutral Assessment (ENA) is another role that only exists in some jurisdictions. It has no standards of practice, no standardized role definition or training and no Chief Justice Directive. There is a YouTube video promoting the role. It sounds like a late night infomercial for instant weight loss.

Google” Keske” for information on what can happen to parents who speak out about lack of accountability and what happens in Colorado family courts. Avoid Colorado family courts!!!!

If you feel you have to use the courts and use a court appointee, use a CFI. There is a limit as to what they can charge. They must do a “focused” report versus throwing in the kitchen sink as many PRE reports do (more pages, more money. The Chief Justice Directive for CFI’s has more checks and balances that will better protect children and parents.

Go to the Parents United for Change site for more information. Protect your children and your family resources.