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#769190 - 12/29/14 06:41 PM Durham North Carolina Child Support Help
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Hello Everyone,

I am seeking legal counsel for a child support increase. I feel like the social worker and reall everyone in that office is mistreating me. I will not be able to afford the suggested support one reason is that they grossly inflated my income. Does anyone know of a attourney that has been historically sucessful in lowering suggested amounts in Durham NC?

#769191 - 12/30/14 01:33 AM Re: Durham North Carolina Child Support Help [Re: Charles357]
Goodmom Offline

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Have you tried a google search of lawyers in your area?

BTW, the guidelines are likely not suggested amounts. And if you quit a higher paying job, well, it is likely the imputed income that you are stuck with is not going away. You will want to discuss that with a couple of lawyers that you consult with after your google search.

#769192 - 12/30/14 03:02 AM Re: Durham North Carolina Child Support Help [Re: Goodmom]
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Probably depends on where the numbers they used to....grossly inflate....your income came from.

Find a lawyer, he will help you tell the truth and how the law applies......

They had to come from somewhere.......

#769193 - 03/19/15 11:50 PM Re: Durham North Carolina Child Support Help [Re: Redlegg]
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You need to pay whatever DSS suggests. If you pay a lawyer $3000 he/she will lie to you and offer you false hope. Then when you go in front of a judge you will end up paying more than DSS is requesting. Don't fool yourself. You have no rights.


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