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#769229 - 01/08/15 06:44 AM pregnant
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I apologize if this question is already answered elsewhere. I am new to this site and looking for answers. I filed my divorce paperwork 2 months ago, and have just found out I am pregnant by my boyfriend. I am a KY resident, and was wondering if anyone knew how long I gave to wait after giving birth to finalize my divorce?

#769230 - 01/16/15 07:20 PM Re: pregnant [Re: ky102588]
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You have 2 choices: (1) tell the court you're PG and delay the divorce until after the baby is born, possibly being ordered to take parenting/reconcillation classes, etc. or (2) if it's early enough in your pregnancy, don't say anything if your Ex is/would be OK with that & go ahead with the divorce.

It's possible for women to NOT know they're PG until 4,5,6 months or later so just deny, deny, deny if confronted. IF the Dad is OK with not delaying the divorce.
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#769231 - 01/07/16 07:24 PM Re: pregnant [Re: c_jane]
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This isn't the first post where you've recommended lying. It says much about your character.

#769232 - 01/10/16 10:43 AM Re: pregnant [Re: ky102588]
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Disclose that you are pregnant and that your stbx is not the father. You may have to wait until after a paternity test is done after the baby is born, but there isn't anything stopping you and your stbx from having the settlement agreement ready to file for then. Unless you getting involved with someone else while still married complicates the issue more than it already has.

#769233 - 09/06/16 03:44 AM Re: pregnant [Re: Goodmom]
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I think you should disclose that you are pregnant.

#769234 - 09/06/16 05:42 AM Re: pregnant [Re: redstar]
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Note that the original post was in January. I think the cat's out of the bag by now...


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