My husband and I separated January 2014 and I decided to move back in and try to work things out in September 2014. Because of temper and control issues things still didn't go well and It was in the best interest of my two boys and I to leave again. My husband is not the biological father of my 4 year old but we do have a 2 year old together. My 4 year olds real father does happen to live in the same city as I use to with my husband. We are not romantically involved but due to my children having to move quite a bit in the past year I don't want to make things anymore harder on them and change their daycare yet again (especially since my four year old was abused by a daycare he use to attend and dcs had to get involved, he loves his current daycare and is very comfortable there, he was reluctant due to his past incident and transitioning was rough on him and I'm worried Bout the impact another change will have on him) because I will have to move to a different city to live with my parents, he is allowing me and my sons to stay with him so they can stay in the same daycare and my youngest will still be near his father. I want to file for a no fault divorce but, as you could imagine, my husband is very angry. I really do sympathize with him and understand why it's an issue for him but the well being of my children is more important to me. As a result of him being angry he will not allow me to come get the things I still have in the house such as work clothes, both of my children's clothes, diapers and basically everything I own. The night I left I was trying to get out as fast as I could and grabbed the little I could an rushed out because in the past he has forcefully taken my car keys and phone and kept me in the house against my will multiple times. Like I said he has a bad temper. After I asked the cops to escort me to get my things I learned that until I take legal action, if he says that my things belong to him I'm still not allowed to take them, even if it was children's clothes. The cops finally talke him into giving me a few clothes but only for his son, not my four year old. To top it all off my check is direct deposited into a joint account and he withdrew it all so I have no money and don't get paid until the 1st.

Could staying with someone of the opposite sex, as just roommates and nothin more, give my husband something to hol against me in court?
And with him being the father of my oldest (and not some random man), would that help or hurt me in court?

I really need some advice on all of these issues. Any info is greatly appreciated