Long story short my wife and I married in 2011. I was deployed 2011 to 2012. I was stationed in Washington, and I still reside here. She lived there in ohio the entirety of our marriage with the expection of 1 month in 2011, before I deployed. Things went south and she ended up becoming pregnant in 2013 with another man's child, who she now lives with. We put off getting our divorce because we had a lot going on in our lives, with me being in the army at the time and her dealing with her career and being a new parent. It is now 2015 and we want to divorce or a dissolution. We are civil and complient with eachother. I have my debts and she has hers. No property or anything is being contested. We just want to be done so we can move on with our lives. Her, her baby's father, and I mutually agree that their child is in fact their child and not mine. It was not remotely possible for me to impregnate her during that time, due to me being in Washington. So our question is are we able to sign some sort of legal document that states that I am indeed not the father and that he in fact is? We don't see the need to waste money on an expensive paternity test to tell us something we all 3 are already well aware of. If not a ddocument, then anything that would relinquish my rights as a father, socially and financially? I've never seen the child. The mother and child's father has taken care of the child it's life span. I am also on the birth certificate due to marriage. Any information would be appreciated.