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#769404 - 02/01/15 12:20 PM divorce petition questions...
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My wife of 17 years just had an attorney draw up a divorce petition in georgia... my wife is non-malicious, and incredibly honest... best woman I know... but her lawyer is doing what he considers to be 'in her best interest', so in the divorce petition, he lists several 'faults', including adultery and cruelty, which my wife has acknowledged to me are not true, now that she understands the legal definitions of both... she understands that I won't sign off on any agreement until that is rectified, and she is fine with that... though her lawyer tells her it won't matter unless we go to trial... which, of course is laughable, because of course, he would say that, understanding too, that 'adultery' in georgia is still a misdemeanor and is ground for both jail time and fines (recognizing it is rarely prosecuted, it still seems unwise to allow that to go unchallenged, given that I never removed a piece of clothing in the alleged encounter)... but in the petition, he starts with saying our marriage is irretrievably broken, which seems, in my limited knowledge, to also cover the 'no-fault' angle... tonight, I have decided that I want to do everything possible to save our marriage... I want to answer the petition properly, but I can only refute the 'faults', not the 'irretrievably broken' accusations... anyone have advice on how to proceed?.. and those of you that want to tell me to get a lawyer, I appreciate the advice, but please don't offer it without additional advice on how to get one free... I barely have grocery money at the moment...

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#769405 - 02/01/15 12:30 PM Re: divorce petition questions... [Re: dayriser]
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As an aside, why would any attorney file a petition for a client that includes accusations of 'adultery' or 'cruelty' without advising his client what they mean legally?.. isn't that a little sloppy at best, unethical at worst?.. and how can I rectify that?.. is my 'answer' sufficient or should he amend the petition (is that even possible)...


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