Got married in July 2002 and we have had a joint bank account as well as car loans and a mortgage. When we got married, I dropped my maiden name and took his last name. In 8/2013 I decided that I wanted a divorce and I moved to Texas. He filed for divorce, but used an incorrect name for me. I contacted him and told him the name needed to change. He claimed that he didn't know what I used for a name, which is BS. I talked to his attorney and explained that my name on the papers were incorrect and I couldn't get the papers notarized. The attorney argued with me and said the name was correct. I offered to fax a copy of my drivers license and other legal papers with my legal name on it, but the attorney refused. I advised that I would not sign the papers with an incorrect name. They used my maiden name followed up by my married last name. I never received corrected papers in the mail. The end of June 2014, I received papers from the family courts in Louisville stating the divorce was granted, but I could appeal it. I'm on social security disability and can't afford an attorney, so I haven't tried to appeal it. According to Social Security and the IRS they consider this as Creating a Fictitious Name and Identity Fraud. I'm trying to find out if the divorce is valid or not.