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#769712 - 04/06/15 07:28 PM Kids go to visit daddy, how to survive it???
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I'm trying to get divorce for over a year now. I was always making it possible for the kids (three girls: 12,11 and 9) to see their father. In December he moved to Pittsburgh to live with his parents. He said he couldn't afford to live in NYC anymore. To me it looked like he ran away from all his problems. He doesn't pay child support.
I'm still trying to make it possible for the kids to visit him as often as possible.
I just hate every , single minute when they're away. They are too busy to call , too busy to text. I text him and tell him how important it is for me to be in touch with the kids, but it doesn't work. When I call nobody answers.
I know that I should use this time for myself etc. But I keep finding myself doing nothing and just waiting for the kids to come back or waiting for them to call/text me. They usually don't call, because they're busy and than I get upset at them.
Please any ideas how I can cope with the separation with my kids, so I don't drive myself or them crazy?

#769713 - 04/14/15 10:36 AM Re: Kids go to visit daddy, how to survive it??? [Re: swert]
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You need to figure out what is making you so anxious. The good news is that you are separating the support from the visitation, which is not easy to do. You might try focusing on the fact that they are that busy, and hopefully enjoying the time. I know I would be happy for them, because they do seem to having a good time. I do not think anyone gets over missing their kids, but focusing on the kids, instead of what you are missing may help.


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