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#769755 - 04/16/15 01:11 PM Husband does not want to pay taxes
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I just recently filed for divorce. My husband wants nothing to do with paying for any bills etc. I just started our taxes this past week and am trying to finish them up ( we are filing jointly), and now he does not want to sign for his part on the taxes and also help me pay the H&R Block fee. As you all know taxes were due the 15th. What can I do? Can I just file by myself then? ( we have once child btw), or am I going to loose out on the tax benefits or being married? How does it work if the other spouse is not willing to cooperate when it comes to imminent financial responsibilities at the time?

#769756 - 04/21/15 10:03 AM Re: Husband does not want to pay taxes [Re: ang81]
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For last year, you file married filing separately.

#769757 - 04/23/15 04:38 AM Re: Husband does not want to pay taxes [Re: ang81]
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#769758 - 04/28/15 02:50 PM Re: Husband does not want to pay taxes [Re: Goodmom]
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Thank you. Yes I heard I can do that,,,,will look into...


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