While I worked full-time, I watched my grandkids on the weekend for three years while my daughter worked nights as a nurse. She had a daycare provider who watched the kids on Monday while she slept and then maybe another day during the week when she went to college. According to Divorce Decree Dad is to pay half of daycare costs when she works and goes to school. I never charged for three years. Then I lost my job of 42 years as a secretary. And my daughter's daycare provider got pregnant and quit. I took over and after a few months, my daughter started paying me (less per hour than she paid provider). In January she gave a bill to ex and he refused to pay since "grandma should watch the kids for free." She only paid me about $300 for the month. We have checks deposited into my checking each month to prove. Ex says I must get certified to be a daycare, but State says since I only watch two kids I don't need certified. I am only taking the money because I do not want to start collecting social security for a few years and I need the money. Also, I am 62 years old and nobody will hire me as a secretary. Do we have a chance in Ohio court? P.S. I take kids to school and preschool. I pick them up. I take them to their lessons. I pack their lunch. I don't charge for this. Only when I actually am watching the kids. I keep records of every day I care for them and where mom actually is (i.e., work, school).