My ex walked out on a Saturday almost two years ago and into a house he had waiting for him. We are now legally divorced yet no property or assets have been settled.

My family gave me the money for our house so there never was a mortgage. We do owe back property taxes in which he refuses to pay. To me, his actions say that he has chosen to abandon the residence as he has not paid on a single bill or for any upkeep that has been done or needed since he has left. I am not sure if this would qualify as abandonment though.

He is now wanting to do an inspection (aka walk through) of the house that we had lived in together. The house is not up for sale. He has not lived in the home for almost two years though, I did ask him at some point to move back and he said no. Since we are legally divorced, and he has basically in what I think has abandoned the property, can he come and do an inspection of the property for no reason at all? Thanks